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Awolnation, Badflower, and The Mysterines at the Fox Theater – Oakland (PHOTOS)

On a chilly Sunday evening, Awolnation neared the end of their Falling Forward tour with a stop at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA. Supporting acts included Los Angeles-based Badflower, and Liverpool-based The Mysterines.

Awonation is perhaps best known for their hit single “Sail”, as well as the heavier track “Run”, which has made appearances in various media forms (television spots, movie trailers, etc). Their 2022 tour coincides with the release of two new singles, “Freaking Me Out” and “We Are All Insane”.

A new album is planned for 2023, which will be their fifth studio release and apparently their last. Singer Aaron Bruno stated to “I can’t think of a lot of bands that I love who have done much good after five records.”

Photos below by Clay Lancaster (

The Mysterines – Liverpool, UK

Lia Metcalfe
George Favager
Callum Thompson
Paul Crilly


  • Josh Katz
  • Joey Morrow
  • Anthony Sonetti
  • Alex Espiritu


Awolnation performs with at the Fox Theater. Oakland, CA. Photo by Clay Lancaster.