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TOOL Teases New Album

Tool - SAP Center. San Jose, CA.

Adam Jones of Tool performs at SAP Center in San Jose. Photo by Clay Lancaster.

Something that normally would be taken with a grain of salt, Tool have now posted teaser videos indicating a new album is around the corner. While no music can be heard,   the videos contain about 10 seconds of artwork and the band’s website has changed to feature this new art.

Drummer Danny Carey announced that the album should see an April 2019 release date, singer Maynard Keenan had indicated months back that the vocals were in fact finished, and a friend of the band recently posted on Instagram that he had heard the new album in its entirety.

Adding the pieces together, fans may actually be getting a new Tool album this year. It would be their first new album since 2006’s 10,000 Days.


What do you think? Will a fifth studio album finally see the light of day?

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