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Fan Expo Dallas 2018 (PHOTOS)

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Fan Expo Dallas went off relatively without a hitch over the weekend, with thousands of Comic Con and Cosplay fans filing into the Kay Bailey Convention Center in Downtown Dallas.

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Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen) chat with fans at Fan Expo Dallas

Among the crowds of storm troopers, super heroes, princesses, power rangers, video game characters, etc. were also average fans making their way to different exhibits. Shopping was plentiful and gave audiences the opportunity to walk away with items from their favorite movies and video games, as well as custom clothing, music, swords, light sabers, Legos…. even Mystery Boxes designed to look like Super Mario Bros. question mark blocks.

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the Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine at Fan Expo Dallas

Once through the shopping complex and down a short set of stairs, you’d find an entire open floor with celebrity signing booths, photo-op booths, food, and full-sized replicas of Star Wars vehicles and droids, the Batmobile (“Tumbler”), and even the Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine.

Panels were held in various rooms to allow fans to participate in Q&A’s with some of their favorite stars, including Jeff Goldblum, Val Kilmer, the cast of the Princess Bride, etc. The main event for Friday was a panel featuring some of the cast of Back to the Future, which was a lot of fun despite Fan Expo Dallas only delivering on two of the four cast members they had advertised since November of 2017 (missing were Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson). It was announced the week of the Expo that Fox would not be able to attend, but no one from the event or cast mentioned Lea Thompson’s (Lorraine McFly)  absence. Those of us that traveled on planes and booked hotel rooms for the event felt a bit cheated, especially when their replacement, Ben Affleck, only showed up for a few photo-ops in the early half of Saturday and then left.

The rest of the event seemed to go smoothly, and check out the gallery below to see some of what we saw over the weekend! All photos by Clay Lancaster (claylancaster.com)