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El Paso, Tex. – Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive
In/Mars Volta) premieres the video for “Running Away,” from the
latest in his ongoing series of solo albums, Corazones, via

The clip, which was directed by Violeta Felix and shot by Adrian
Blanco, features Omar in a series of Los Angeles-based encounters
with friends who might not be terribly happy to see him. Guests
include Buzz Osborne, Teri Gender Bender, John Frusciante, Robin
Laananen, Tatiana Velazquez, Aura T-09 and Eva Gardner.

Omar, in partnership with Ipecac Recordings, recently announced
the release of a series of solo albums, which kicked off on July
15 with Sworn Virgins. The previously unreleased albums were
recorded from 2008 to 2013, while he lived in Zapopan, Mexico and
continued when he returned to El Paso. The titles are released on
a bi-weekly basis with the first spate of albums running through
the end of the year. Each album will see a digital release with a
limited number of physical copies (CD) available on
Rodriguez-Lopez’s various live outings. A limited edition CD/LP
box set will become available in 2017, once the full run of
releases are available.