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Rare Futures Releases X-Files Themed Video for “This Is Your Future”

13782027_10154333892213607_5920377386831998115_nSan Jose, CA native Matthew Fazzi has been a busy man for the last number of years. From playing in  Bay Area band Facing New York, to Taking Back Sunday, to The Dear Hunter, to Atlas Genius … yet he’s still found the time to release his own multi-dimensional album This Is Your Brain on Love, now under the moniker Rare Futures.

Today New Noise Magazine has premiered the music video for their newest single “This Is Your Future”, which is a fun, somehwat-campy, clever DIY nod to the TV show X-Files.


During a late-night garage rehearsal in a sleepy San Jose suburb, the Rare Futures gang has an unexpected visitor…

The video for “This Is Your Future” was shot on a small DIY budget in San Jose, California in the garage of band member Matt Fazzi’s childhood home, which has been ground zero for all Fazzi’s musical projects for over two decades. The video was conceived and written by Fazzi and his wife, Meg, as they binge-watched the popular 90s sci-fi show, The X-Files, and relied heavily on the artistic talents and Oscar-worthy performances of their friends, including photographer and videographer, Clay Lancaster, who filmed, co-directed and edited the project.

As Fazzi told New Noise Magazine: “My wife and I were making our way through The X-Files in preparation for the new season that aired back in January and found a lot of parallels between the dogged push and pull of Mulder’s ‘wanting to believe’ in the existence of extraterrestrial life and the theme of the new album, This is Your Brain on Love, which focuses on all the nuanced ways in which love – with all its triumphs, failings and confusion – manifests itself in every aspect of human life and becomes a catalyst for the choices we make. The song, This is Your Future, felt particularly apt to develop into another sci-fi themed video and is a nod to the opening scene of an X-Files episode (Rare Futures’ first single, The Pressure, is a stop motion video featuring a spaceman’s intergalactic adventure to save his home planet). This is Your Future deals with love as a burden – whether for a person, a dream or a one-man crusade to dismantle a government-led alien coverup – and the struggle between allowing isolation to overtake you and choosing love, no matter its weight.”

Watch the video for “This is Your Future” by Rare Futures here: