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KENT Plans Its Own Death With Final Album and Single (Listen)

The Swedish Rock/Pop giants KENT have called it quits after 26 years as a band, but are doing so in a planned-funeral sort of way, with a “last record” and “last tour” ready to go. Their 12th (and final) album is titled Då som nu för alltid (English: Then as Now Forever) and will be released on May 20th, 2016.

Having a small following in the US, the band has fared much better in Europe… having an extensive award list, selling out shows for most of its career, and being inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame a few months ago.

KENT announced their impending death in March earlier this year with the following dirge/tribute video:

The new album was recorded at Electric Ladyland Studios in New York in February, and the first single “Vi är inte längre där” was released on May 3rd. Below is the track listing:

1. “Andromeda”
2. “Tennsoldater” (Tin Soldiers)
3. “Vi är för alltid” (We Are Forever)
4. “Den vänstra stranden” (The Left Bank)
5. “Nattpojken & Dagflickan” (The Night Boy & The Day Girl) (with Anna Ternheim)
6. “Vi är inte längre där” (We Are No Longer There)
7. “Förlåtelsen” (The Forgiveness)
8. “Skyll inte ifrån dig” (Don’t Blame Someone Else)
9. “Gigi”
10. “Falska profeter” (False Prophets)
11. “Den sista sången” (The Last Song)

Official Audio for “Vi är inte längre där”