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Coldplay Releases New Single “Magic”, and… ugh. (REVIEW).

Make fun all you want, but I was really looking forward to what Coldplay has up their sleeve. However, I’m really not diggin’ “Magic”, which is supposed to be the lead-off single from their upcoming record Ghost Stories (to be released in May).

To me it sounds like 2008 Radiohead, but with an extra dose of pop and not nearly as interesting. I also don’t know why that song warrants a nearly-5-minute track time… it’s the same thing over and over. And it’s not interesting. Not to mention that there’s no real instrumentation except for some guitar tinkering. Is this supposed to be like Thom Yorke’s Eraser? …because it’s failing.

Did I mention that it’s just not interesting?

The lyrics are contrived as well. Bummer… I hope the record is better. I was hoping Mylo Xyloto was just a left field experiment that went wrong… kinda a-la U2’s POP in 1997. Except that record became my favorite U2 album, whereas Mylo is the only Coldplay album that I don’t have in my iTunes collection.

What happened to the 2000-2002 band that impressed me so much?

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