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Jars of Clay on theFIVE10 Radio

In the 90’s, Jars of Clay was one of the premiere bands out there. Having sold millions of records the band is working towards distancing themselves from their “Christian Rock Band” label. Having released a new album, Inlandthe band is hoping to appeal to a broader audience who are still a little apprehensive to check out a band that spent most of their career singing songs around their faith. And even though the name of the band itself comes from scripture, their new album is devoid of songs about spiritual topics, it is still filled with some uplifting and toe tapping tracks.

JC got a chance to talk to the band about the tour, the new album, and how hard it is for them to get fans to give them another chance.

All this plus JC will be spinning plenty of new music!


Correction: JC mistakenly cited that Jars of Clay are “Emmy Award Winners.” He of course meant Grammy Award Winners. We apologize to the band for this error.

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