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Tomahawk – Oddfellows (REVIEW) 2013

It’s been about 5 years since Tomahawk released their last album Anonymous. Since then Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas), Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard), John Stanier (Helmet), and new member Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle) have been taking their time to put together what could possibly be their best effort yet.

In a nut shell the album is a rock ready journey into the mind of their collective music genius. The songs individually are well-structured, well thought out, complex, and hold your attention. Collectively they make up one of the best rock albums Patton has put out in a very long time.

There is something for everyone here. There are hard driving rock anthems like “Stone Letter” to jazzy almost hauntingly relaxing songs like “Rise Up Dirty Waters” in which would could envision a rumble breaking out at anytime featuring some greasers.

The only downside to this album is there are not enough tracks that feature Patton’s incredible vocal ranges. With one of the best voices in rock it would’ve been nice to hear more of that. However, this being labeled as “experimental metal” you get a sense that we would not hear much of the rock opera-ish voice that Patton has come to be cherished.

The songs on this album are decidedly different yet they flow in a way that you don’t feel you’re listening to a different band. Oddfellows is the proper title for this album as it cannot be labeled into a specific genre. But with so many different backgrounds on this roster who would want it to be.  This is definitely not an album you can listen to once. Like a fine wine this album needs to be sipped. Take your time with this album. Let the different flavors swish around in your earholes.

The one thing I did notice was Trevor Dunn’s influence. Or maybe it was because I was hyper focused on it more hearing that he would be joining the band. I loved Mr. Bungle and one of the reasons was because Trevor has a great ear for what the bass lines should be in a rock band. His influence is heard throughout the album and for that I am thankful. I will miss Kevin Rutmanis but as with any supergroup you can’t expect them to stay too long. The fact that this band is still releasing albums is a blessing in itself.

I had the great fortune to review the new Bronx album recently. And I said that was a great way to start 2013. But when you come out of an album like that into Oddfellows you can’t help but think 2013 is going to be the return of Rock N’ Roll! Thank the Rock Gods for that!!

Oddfellows will be released through Ipecac Records on January 29, 2013.

Oddfellows Tracklisting:

1. Oddfellows
2. Stone Letter
3. I.O.U.
4. White Hats/Black Hats
5. A Thousand Eyes
6. Rise Up Dirty Waters
7. The Quiet Few
8. I Can Almost See Them
9. South Paw
10. Choke Neck
11. Waratorium
12. Baby Let’s Play
13. Typhoon

Rating 9/10