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The Cranberries – “Roses” (REVIEW)

Yet continuing the trend (and adding even more validity to one of my previous articles), Irish 90’s alt-rockers The Cranberries have reformed and will drop a new record titled Roses on February 28th, which will be the band’s first offering in 11 years (their last being 2001’s Wake Up and Smell the Coffee).

So what can you expect from this resurgence? …More Cranberries. That’s right, Roses is almost so true to their former presence that it sounds as if no time has passed at all. Singer Dolores O’Riordan leads the charge just as strong as ever, and it’s honestly a bit refreshing to hear her voice again in this type of setting.

Overall, Roses is jangly Alternative rock at it’s finest. There are no real surprises, however, which is the only reason this upcoming release is knocked down a bit in my book. The album sails by at an even pace, offering a few little ear-perks along the way… but there are no clear singles in this batch, and it lacks much of the intensity of The Cranberries’ earlier releases (i.e. “Zombie”, “Salvation”, “Hollywood”, etc.). The track “Show Me” is probably the closest thing to their classic darker sound, while “Tomorrow” almost sounds pulled straight from 1994 and represents the more light-feathery side of the band.

Bottom Line: If you’re a big Cranberries fan, there’s no reason not to be thrilled with Roses. If you’re like me and only gravitate to a portion of their back catalogue, then you may find yourself with only 2 or 3 tracks that earn a repeat listen. Either way, as far as this being a “new Cranberries album”… it’s simply just a “Cranberries album”. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Rating: 7.5/10

Track Listing:

1. “Conduct” 05:10
2. Tomorrow 03:56
3. “Fire & Soul” 04:31
4. “Raining In My Heart” 03:26
5. “Losing My Mind” 03:39
6. “Schizophrenic Playboy” 03:39
7. “Waiting In Walthamstow” 04:18
8. “Show Me The Way” 03:26
9. “Astral Projections” 04:44
10. “So Good” 03:53
11. “Roses” 03:40