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The Airborn Toxic Event and Dead Sara on theFIVE10 Radio

They’ve reached a level most bands fight their whole lives to obtain. Having only released 2 albums The Airborn Toxic Event are proving that music can touch people in a way not seen in years, and do it at the speed of the internet. JC got to talk with the band about the new album, touring, and what’s on tap for 2012.

JC also got to talk to upcoming band Dead Sara about their tour with Bush, the new album, and what fans can expect from the incredible rock band going forward.



Stuedabakerbrown – “Couch Sitting Rattlesnake”
Middle Class Rut – “New Low”
Awolnation – “Sail”
Anberlin – Impossible”
Bad Rabbits – “She’s Bad”
The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy”
Dead Sara – “Test On My Patience”
The Knux – “Eraser”
The Airborne Toxic Event – “Changing”
Mates of State – “Sway”
The Maine – “Listen To Your Heart”
dredg – “Another Tribe”

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