Concert Reviews

Every Time I Die headlines Thee Parkside SF, CA.

EVERY TIME I DIE is, and always has been, a band full of fury that bleeds dirty hardcore rock n’ roll that’s not for the faint of heart. Since they’re inception in 1998, this Buffalo, NY based band have churned out one devastating album after the next. Their debut EP “Burial Plot Bidding War” EP (2000) was an introduction of a band that would give us acclaimed rock n’ roll follow ups as “Last Night in Town” (2001) and the illustrious “Hot Damn!” (2003). 2005 brought us “Gutter Phenomenon” (#71 US Charts), which featured the song “The New Black” that was included on Guitar Hero 2. “The Big Dirty” (2007, #41 US Charts) enjoyed the success of songs such as “We’rewolf” and “No Son of Mine”. Their highest chart success to date “New Junk Aesthetic” (2009, #46 US Charts) included collaborations with members of Dillinger Escape Plan, The Bronx and Fall Out Boy.

 On the eve of 11/11/11, in a last minute change, Every Time I Dieannounced a secret show at Thee Parkside located in San Francisco, CA. Thee Parkside had saved ETID fans from a cancellation that was originally scheduled at Regency Center Grand Ballroom in SF, a main support for GWAR. Very unfortunate circumstances had forced the show to be shifted after GWAR’s guitarist, Cory Smoot, passed away this last Friday.

In light of the tragic news, Insipid Productions announced that ETID would instead headline a secret show.  All promotions for this show were kept on the hush hush for obvious reasons, mainly due to Thee Parkside advertising a whopping 100-person capacity. This show was most certainly SOLD OUT with an added 1 or 2 more in attendance * wink *.

 NOW, on to the DIRTY DIRTY:  ETID hit the stage at midnight with an intensely restless crowd that exploded in a fiery volcanic fury at the strike of the first chord. There were bodies flying everywhere with absolutely no soft spot in that entire room. Rushing the frontlines of the stage with fists in the air, sweaty fans let it all bleed out with sing alongs, most of the time drowning out the vocals, in true hardcore concert fashion. Vocalist Keith Buckley was not shy in being chest first into the fan frontlines encouraging all to give back what the band had given them. It was chaos. The band was on fire and played with blood dripping from their teeth.  I couldn’t tell you every song in the set for I’m not one of those fans that know every song title on every record. But, I can say that I did hear ONE new song and these  in no particular order:

“Romeo a Go-Go”

“Apocalypse Now and Then”


“Roman Holiday”

NOTE: Please add to the list if you were in attendance.

Final Word: This show was an INSANELY EPIC EVENT. To witness ETID in such a small venue was a true gift.  Some would say that they need not see the band again because that’s the way to remember them live, in such an intimate setting such as Thee Parkside. But, this band certainly has earned and deserves your continued love and support…because they haven’t let us down in almost 14 years. Thank you to Insipid Productions for providing a monumental rock n’ roll show to all that were able to attend and giving ETID the opportunity to play in one of the cities they love the most, San Francisco CA. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see this show on a future DVD release of theirs, a high-end movie camera was being operated on stage to capture it all….

Stay tuned for a new album release in 2012…I love this band!

-Todd Buller