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The Knux – Eraser (REVIEW) 2011

When The Knux released their single “She’s So Up” earlier this year, everyone (including me) was excited to hear more from brothers Joey and Krispy who hail originally from New Orleans. Then they released “Run” featuring Kid Cudi and that just added to the excitement. And just when your anticipation had reached a fevered peak, they go out on the road during the summer for their much hyped house party tour.

If you’ve listened to theFIVE10 Radio over the past few months you’d know that they have been a favorite of mine for some time. Their new album Eraser just elevates my love for this band. Even though I was sent a free copy I made sure to go out and buy this album.

From the beginning they capture your attention with the instrumental “The Road” which is basically a two minute jam session that you wish would just keep going. Filled with that dirty rock that has come to define The Knux’s new sound, it grabs you right away. I could easily see this song being part of an intro to a movie. You know that part in the movie where the gang is walking toward the camera with a badass attitude?  

Everything about this album is spot on and will likely end up on the top of my “Top Albums of 2011” list. It’s hard not to bob your head to songs like “You Can’t Lose” and “Fame Us.” The entire album is filled with incredibly well structured and thought out tracks.

The title track, “Eraser” showcases their electronic talents and unique ability to bring several different genres all into one song. It’s rock, electro, rap, and hip hop in one beautiful auditory orgy.

Do yourself a favor and go pick this album up. If you’re not tapping your toes or bobbing your head you may need to go to the Doctor’s office to see if you’re deaf. Wear comfy shoes because with all the dancing you’ll be doing you’ll probably wear your Pumas out.


Rating: 10/10