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New Found Glory – Radiosurgery (REVIEW) 2011

New Found Glory are the kings of pop punk and Radiosurgery helps to solidify that crown. If you’re one of those fans that can’t get enough of the same sounding pop punk songs track after hard hitting track, then you can’t get any better than this album. Tracks one through eleven are filled with the best in happy-go-lucky pop punk. Now, this may seem like I’m bagging on Radiosurgery. And while that might be partially true it’s mainly to emphasize how consistent this band is. The one thing I love about New Found Glory is that you always know what you’re going to get. Not Without A Fight was the same pop punk high energy sound that we’re used to getting from new Found Glory. This latest effort is the same thing. Filled with poppy melodies and easy to follow choruses, Radiosurgery is an album fit for a drive down the coast or an early 2000’s teen angst movie.


Rating: 7/10