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Peter, Bjorn, and John – Gimme Some (REVIEW)

It’s hard to describe the style Peter, Bjorn, and John are going with for “Gimme Some” which is their 6th studio album. The Swedish threesome have always done a great job at balancing the line between Indie/Alternative and Pop/Rock. “Gimme Some” does this so very well. Tracks like “Dig a little deeper” sound very Vampire Weekend-ish and will have you moving your head while their first single “Second Chance” reminds us all why we love PB&J.

Some of my favorite tracks include “Breaker Breaker”, “May Seem Macabre”, and “Tomorrow Has To Wait.” This is a great album filled with unruffled melodies and remarkable backbeats. I love the poignant vocals. PB&J are the best at making us love rock and are able to blur the boundaries between worldly music.

It’s a great album and I highly recommend it if you want to have a great time. It’s a great reminder why we love music so much. – JC