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Off With Their Heads Sign with Epitaph Records & Kickoff New Tour

Epitaph Records is proud to
announce the signing of Minneapolis punk band Off With Their Heads.
The punk road dogs recently took time off from touring to record their
second full length album, with plans for a summer release, but left
the engine running for a two month long excursion of US and Canada
that begins February 3 (Tour Dates Listed Below).

Formed in 2002, Off With Their Heads went through a slew of musicians
before finally cementing the lineup with Ryan Young on vocals/guitar,
Justin Francis on drums, Zack Gontard on guitar and Robbie Swartwood
on bass.  Since their inception, the band has released an impressive
catalog of music including seventeen 7″‘s, one LP and a few comps, and
has toured relentlessly in US, Europe, Canada and Japan for the past
five years with bands like Against Me, Youth Brigade, The Bouncing
Souls and Municipal Waste to name a few.

It was during Off With Their Heads’ 2009 tour with Against Me when the
band got the call from Epitaph’s owner/president Brett Gurewitz saying
that he was a fan of the band.

“Off With Their Heads might be the best punk band going right now,
Epitaph needs them; music needs them,” says Gurewitz.

 “I remember the first time I’d heard of Epitaph,” Young adds.  “It
was when I was in junior high and Rancid had just released Let’s Go.
I saw the video, and immediately went and bought the record.  I got
into the compilations, and that started me on the road to finding all
these great aggressive catchy punk bands.  Living in a small farm
town, I had never been exposed to this kind of music before, and from
there I learned about punk.  I guess you could say Epitaph was my
gateway into everything that I would wind up becoming.  For that
reason alone, I am ecstatic to be a part of one of the biggest
influences on my life.”

Off With Their Heads are well on their way to carving out their own
punk rock story with their modern take on vintage punk fueled anthems.
 As the band begins the next chapter of their career they took the
time to record their best album to date.

“We recorded our record in Minneapolis at a studio called The
Terrarium,” says Young.  “This is where most of the great sounding
records that come out of town are recorded.  I think the difference
between this record and our last one is that we have enough time to
make sure everything is tracked and mixed the way we would like it to
be.  We have never in 6 years had more than 2-3 days in a studio,  and
there have been parts on every recording that I’d wished we would have
fixed and not used the old “good enough” excuse.  The songs
stylistically are a mix of something from every record, which is

When asked about the new music, Young says “it’s a good mix of driving
aggression and also mid tempo pop.  Those are our two strong suits,
and I’m hoping they shine through as well as they have in the past.
Lyrically, it’s about the good and the bad things of the lifestyle
that I’ve chosen for myself.”

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