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Friendo (Michael Wallace From Women/Azeda Booth) To Release “Cold Toads” LP On St Ives (Secretly Canadian) Spring 2010 / Special Edition Cassette Tape Available Now

Friendo (Michael Wallace From Women/Azeda Booth) To Release “Cold
Toads” LP  On St Ives (Secretly Canadian) Spring 2010
Special Edition Cassette Tape Available Now

“Friendo capture so gracefully that hazy, other-worldly
quasi-spiritual tone  that made me so obsessed with Panda Bear’s
Young Prayer at the time, elevated here by the contrast with the
sparse rhythm section that reminds me somewhat of Slint in its
foreboding guitar tones” – Dont Die Wondering

“Call this lovely slow-burner another fruit fallen from the season of
summery Baeleric music, or just call it pretty and supple, that works
too. You may also recognize the smoke-covered dude in the photo above
as one of the members of Women, one of the best noise and psychedelic
rock alchemists on either side of the 49th parallel” – Impose Magazine

“The recording of these songs giving them a timeless-yet-dated feel,
where you can’t help but feel like you’ve already fallen in love with
these songs and they are coming back into your life at the exact right
time. A stunning debut if there ever was one” – Weird Canada

“At times hazy and ethereal… other times recalling lo-fi pop from
the ’90s… Friendo have created a warm, familiar-yet-fresh
recording.” -Devin Friesen, Beatroute Magazine

Friendo is a three-piece, guitar-driven band largely inspired by
‘90s experimental rock, ‘70s punk and ‘60s pop. Their songs
range anywhere from breezy, effortless jams, to pulse-pounding
post-punk gems. The multi-instrumentalist members love to mix harmony
with noise, creating their own seasonal landscape.

Michael (Women, Azeda Booth, Monkey) has been drumming since he was a
child, playing in bands, and eventually wanted to explore the melodic
side of music and songwriting on the guitar. Nicole (Puberty,
Hunter-Gatherer, Topless Mongos), an avid music lover and collector,
began to teach herself various instruments after being inspired by
other musicians in her life. Henry (Beija Flor, Monkey), a polished
bassist and guitarist, has taken on the role of drumming for the first
time. The group has subsequently swapped roles from their respective
instruments, becoming total amateurs creatively tapping into uncharted

The band chose to self-release Cold Toads on a limited run of
unmastered cassettes, providing the perfect format for their
intangible sound. Cold Toads is a home-made recording project, using
whatever they could get their hands on; tape decks, 4 tracks to
cassette, hand held portable recorders and built-in computer mics. The
sound that emerges is a soothing lo-fi odyssey that transcends time
and will only get better with each listen.

Through the St Ives label, run by the folks at Secretly Canadian,
Friendo is releasing 200 limited edition, hand crafted vinyl albums to
run alongside the digital itunes release. Cold Toads is also available
on cassette.

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