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Susie Suh on theFIVE10 Podcast

Susie Suh, Photography by Catie Laffoon

With over 125 million streams on Spotify, and a series of high-profile syncs in the US and abroad, Susie has quietly and organically grown her audience and reach. After being signed to Sony Epic Records for her self-titled debut album, Susie created her own label, Collective Records. Susie’s instinct to produce and own all of her own music and content, with total control of all her creative choices—has allowed for a pure transmission of her artistry. The single “Here With Me” became an internet phenomenon after being featured on the first season of The Blacklist. And virtually every song on her second album, The Bakman Tapes, was licensed to film and television shows such as Parenthood, Awkward, Containment, and more. In 2021 alone she was added to more than 130,000 Spotify playlists with no touring, marketing, and no big “corporate machine” behind her.

JC sat down with the singer/songwriter to talk about her label, how she’s developed over the years and the future of the music industry. All of this and more on the latest episode of theFIVE10 podcast!