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Live Singer Kowalczyk Claims Ownership of Band, Fires Chad Taylor

Live performs on the Altimate Tour in 2019. Photo by Clay Lancaster

In another move from the most dramatic band that most folks forget still exists, singer Ed Kowalczyk has claimed on Instagram that he now owns 55% of the band Live, and that founding guitarist Chad Taylor has been fired.

Recently, most members of Live took to social media with vague posts about the “truth”, wasting time, etc. Kowalczyk claimed in a post that he was not able to tour on his own for fear of litigation from his bandmates.

Screenshot of Ed Kowalczyk’s Instagram post

Seemingly overnight, another post followed, claiming some big changes:

Further details will inevitably surface, but until then we can remember that Live famously split with Kowalczyk in 2009 before reuniting almost a decade later. The reunited band released an EP titled Local 717, but has not released a full album since 2014’s The Turn, which featured singer Chris Shinn in place of Kowalczyk. The Turn was removed from most digital platforms after the band reunited with Kowalczyk in 2018.

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