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VRSTY on theFIVE10 Podcast

VRSTY (pronounced Varsity) is a 4 piece R&B /post-hardcore-infused band from NYC. Since its inception, VRSTY has always been about standing out & setting themselves apart from the “norms & cliches” of the Post-Hardcore scene while also bringing something fresh and inspirational to the listener. Blending heavy and melodic instruments with R&B singing VRSTY has already made waves playing sold-out shows with acts such as The Plot In You, Dayseeker, Like Moths To Flames, Ice Nine Kills & Slaves while also touring the country numerous times. With a new record on the way, the band shows no signs of stopping.

JC got a chance to sit down with lead singer Joey Varela to talk about how the band got its start, how they think of genres in general, growing up in Harlem, and how COVID impacted their ability to connect with their fans. All this and much more on this episode of theFIVE10 Podcast!