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Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes) Launching His Own Line Of Sparkling Wines

photo: Greg Chow/Impose

In the “before times” having a celebrity launch their own drink would be something that wouldn’t garner much in the way of headlines. However, it seems that getting in the consumer beverage market is a trend that likely will not go away anytime soon. Whether it’s the launch of The Rock’s Zoa drink or Ryan Reynolds buying up Portland’s own Aviation Gin, there have been a long line of famous people launching a drink as another way to bring in revenue.

So it should be no surprise that rockstar Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes has now launched a line of sparkling wines called Jetway.

“Jetway was sparked by an evening in Italy where strangers became friends, it was such a special moment in time,” explains Albert Hammond Jr., who will be pouring the drink at Outside Land’s “Winelands” in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this coming Halloween weekend, where The Strokes are headline performers.

Hammond Jr. has tapped Ben Parsons as Jetway’s Chief Operating Officer. A renowned winemaker and brand builder, Parsons pioneered the canned wine category, which was named as one of the most important wine trends of the decade. Throughout his 20-year career, he has worked to dispel elitism and mysticism in the world of wine while bringing a quality, disruptive product to the masses.

“Jetway is all about a sense of place,” notes Ben Parsons. “At its core, it’s a single vineyard designate wine blended with distinct and rare ingredients that actually complement the wine, coming together in unison to make something better. Wine has a healthy halo in its DNA since it’s made with grapes, so the added ingredients only enhance that.”

The Jetway Family also includes investors Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Nick Hoult, Coran Capshaw, Robert Schwartzman and Zoey Grossman.

Beginning in October, Jetway will be available in stores and restaurants in the Southern California counties of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, distributed by Scout, an independently-owned craft alcohol wholesaler based in San Diego. Jetway will also be available at The Strokes’ show in Los Angeles at The Forum on October 27 and Outside Lands in San Francisco October 29-31. Distribution will continue to expand throughout the fall/winter of 2021 and into 2022.

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