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Better Strangers – Luna’s Daydream (REVIEW)

Better Strangers is a rock band hailing from Miami, FL. comprised of singer deCasa, guitarist Joey Rodriguez, bassist Yang Waingarten, and drummer Nic Collins.

In a modern world largely full of DJs, dance beats, and chill vibes it is certainly refreshing to come across a new rock group that is attempting something more intense… without going into the metal realm to do so.

The band’s first EP, Luna’s Daydream, is full of inventive guitar riffs, challenging drums, and a surprising amount of pop sensibility. There is an airy atmosphere, even during more upbeat and heavy-hitting tracks. “Wombat” is guitar-heavy, reminiscent of bands like Dredg and Thrice… even a little latter-day Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“Change” and “Slow Fade” definitely have a low-key groove to them, but fill the space with little musical surprises that call up memories of Arctic Monkeys.

Despite the references to other groups, the most impressive part of Luna’s Daydream is its ability to stand on its own. None of the five tracks actually sound like any of the artists referenced above. They just contain particular flavors. Better Strangers clearly spent time working out and refining this batch of songs. Each track is engaging, well-written, and contributes to a nice diverse mix of tunes.

Hopefully the Fall or Spring will allow Better Strangers to tour a bit. But for now, we place Luna’s Daydream as a must-buy for 2021.

Rating: 4.5/5

Notabe Tracks: “Wombat”, “Bleeding for You”