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Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam/Soundgarden Members Form New Band

Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden (Left), and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters (Right). Photos by Clay Lancaster (claylancaster.com)

Drummers Matt Cameron and Taylor Hawkins (of Soundgarden/Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters respectively) have formed a new project under the name Nighttime Boogie Association. The pair have been working on material on and off since contributing to a 2019 tribute concert to late Soundgarden singer/songwriter Chris Cornell.

“Long in the Tooth” and “The Path We’re On”, the first two tracks from the duo, are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and elsewhere.

Nighttime Boogie Association began as a jam session in Hawkins’ home after the Cornell tribute, but progress was delayed due to other commitments. In 2020 COVID lockdown, the two drummers began working remotely.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Hawkins explains:

“He sent me some fun little funky drum machine with some Foghat guitars and I just cut it up in the computer, as we do nowadays, and we just fashioned a song out of it.”

“I sent it to Matt and he was like, ‘This is really cool.’ And I’m like, ‘You’re gonna put real drums on it, right?’ We’re two drummers in arguably two of the bigger rock bands on the planet right now, and we’re not gonna have real drums on it. That’s kinda rad.”

“We’re doing this for fun,” Hawkins added. “Me and Matt aren’t planning on buying any mansions off of this.”

Listen to the two new tracks here!