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Dead Cross ft. Mike Patton at UC Theater, Berkeley, CA. (PHOTOS)

Dead Cross - UC Theater. Berkeley. CA.

Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo perform with Dead Cross in Berkeley, CA. Photo by Clay Lancaster.

Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton isn’t exactly known for staying put, which is evident here with his new project Dead Cross. Their debut LP was released on August 4th, and the band just passed through Berkeley, CA on their run of shows. Yes, after his accident. The show went off without a hitch.

After, what I can only call a “renaissance-prog” set by Secret Chiefs 3 (which was super interesting… killer drummer). Dead Cross finally took the stage about 10:15pm, came out blazing, and never let up. Patton’s vocals were as brutal as ever and the energy of the entire group was turned up to 10 the entire time, despite the Hawaiian shirt.

Kicking off with “Seizure and Desist”, Dave Lombardo pounded away for a batch of songs that must be exhausting, Justin Pearson owned the stage on bass (as well as his intense scream backup-vocals), and Mike Crain pounded away on guitar.

Here are some photos of the night, and it is highly recommended that you pick up a ticket and check it out on their remaining dates. Nothing is half-assed here. For a newer project, it sure didn’t sound like it.