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Radiohead Debut Long-Lost “I Promise” Ahead of OKNOTOK Release

If you’re a Radiohead fan, you likely know that their catalogue is vast and diverse. 25 years, 9 studio albums, 6 EPs, 30 singles (most with B-Sides attached) and 1 studio album… collecting all-things Radiohead is pretty darn difficult.

Hunting down copies of their B-Side material has become easier since the advent of platforms like Napster, Limewire, and iTunes. However, certain “unicorn” tracks have/had eluded fans for decades. For example, the 1995 home video live recording of “True Love Waits” was a fan favorite for years until the track was officially released in 2001 on I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings, and a proper (re-worked) studio version on 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool.

On June 23rd, THREE (yes, three) of those ultra-rare-didn’t-know-really-existed tracks will be a part of OKNOTOK, the 20th anniversary expanced edition of Radiohead’s juggernaut album OK Computer.

Radiohead has released one of those tracks with an accompanying video, ahead of the album’s re-release. Previously only available as a bootleg live copy, here is the studio version of “I Promise”… recorded during the 1997 sessions for OK Computer, but kicking around since 1996.