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Oasis’ 3rd Album to be Re-Released With Extra Content

On October 7th, Oasis’ album Be Here Now will be re-released to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, featuring unreleased tracks. It will be a part of the Chasing the Sun release series, which saw remasters/re-releases of the band’s first two records.

The album originally debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200, featuring hit songs “D’you Know What I Mean?”, “Stand by Me”, and “Don’t Go Away.”

Deluxe versions will include the 14-track Mustique demos, which were recorded live in the Carribean in 1996.

Says songwriter Noel Gallgher:

“As the years went by, I’d started to accept that the songs on ‘Be Here Now’ were in fact insanely long… too long,” said Gallagher in a statement. “Someone (I can’t remember who) had the idea that we revisit, re-edit the entire album for posterity’s sake. We got as far as the first track before we couldn’t be arsed anymore and gave up….it does sound f—ing mega though!”