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sElf / Matt Mahaffey to Release 15th Anniversary Vinyl of Gizmodgery

11751869_10153462493787310_9145254579605942890_nPop chameleon/composer Matt Mahaffey and his band sElf will be releasing a 15th Anniversary edition of Gizmodgery on vinyl this September.

Gizmodgery was recorded almost entirely with children’s toys, minus the track “9 Lives”. The album was also released on the short-lived HDCD format, and contains an all-toy version of the Doobie Brothers’ “What a Fool Believes”.

Although the vinyl won’t hit stores until September 11th, you can pre-order now through El Camino Media, which will give you an instant download of the entire album (plus bonus track “Resurrect”) in lossless AIFF format.