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AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Charged With Attempted Murder

AC/DC, one of Rock N’ Roll’s biggest torch-carriers for the last 40 years, has been the subject of news lately due to guitarist Malcom Young’s recent departure attributed to illness. If that wasn’t big enough news from the AC/DC camp, then try this one on for size: drummer Phil Rudd has been charged with two counts of attempted murder/conspiracy to murder.

Wrap your head around that one.

Rudd appeared in a New Zealand court today, facing charges on two counts of attempting to procure murder, possession of methamphetamines, and marijuana. The names of the targets, as well as the names of the potential hitmen (or a motive), have not been released.

Given that AC/DC’s 15th internationally-released album Rock or Bust is due out later this month, it’s not hard to wonder if this is a poorly-constructed publicity stunt. Maybe it’s just truly nuts.

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