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Radiohead Release Mobile App “PolyFauna”

It’s fairly common now for artists to release some sort of mobile app to accompany a release. Usually they involve photos, tour dates, sounds, news… maybe a small game…

Well, leave it to Radiohead to come out of the blue with an immersive, ever-evolving, interactive dreamscape that combines Stanley Donwood’s artwork with mashed up/remixed soundbites from Radiohead’s track “Bloom” (from 2011’s King of Limbs).

You fly through what looks like a computer game from 1994. The land and landscape creeps up on you, and you can look up and down, turn your body (or two-finger swipe) to go different directions. Draw shapes on the screen and they materialize into digital creatures that will swim around in the air. It’s like an acid trip.

Follow the red dot… the screen glitches and you won’t know where you are all of a sudden. Not that you knew to begin with though.

Created by Radiohead, Stanley Donwood, Nigel Godrich, and Universal Everything. Here is the accompanying text that the band released with the announcement:

PolyFauna is an experimental collaboration between us (Radiohead) & Universal Everything, born out of The King of Limbs sessions and using the imagery and the sounds from the song Bloom.

It comes from an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious.

Your screen is the window into an evolving world.

Move around to look around.

You can follow the red dot.

You can wear headphones.

You can get some pretty strange looks on the train.