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Moby to Release New Album “Innocents” on October 1st

Moby is one of the most innovative and individual forces in electronic and popular music today. He has sold over 20 million albums, headlined Glastonbury, and is back with arguably one of the best albums of his career, Innocents, available October 1st via Mute.Moby chose to make this record with a stellar cast. For the first time in his career he worked with an outside producer, friend Mark “Spike” Stent, whose résumé includes Madonna, U2, Muse, Björk, and Massive Attack. The list of eminent collaborators on Innocents includes Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips), alt-rock legend Mark LaneganCold Specks, Skylar Grey – best known for co-writing and performing on Eminem and Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie; indie-folk singer Damien Jurado, and Inyang Bassey who was the vocalist on The Right Thing from Destroyed. He has named them the Innocents.

“I spend most of my time alone in my studio, so for Innocents it seemed like a really nice idea to involve other people in the making of the record.  Working with all of these collaborators has helped me to make a record that I’m very proud of, and working this way also gave me some semblance of a social life…”


The Innocents became the inspirational motif for the album, embracing human vulnerability and the desire for human connection, while celebrating imperfection in a world that too often esteems unrealistic and artificial perfection.

The thematic vulnerability is also reflected in the production, “Spike” Stent is known for big productions, but given the nature of the songs on Innocents he and Moby committed to a much more analog and lo-fi production approach. To this end they almost exclusively used old (and usually broken..) equipment in the making of the record.

Much of Innocents recalls early Moby in the best way. Moby has been retrofitting antiquated styles and archaic sounds to the electronic age since “Natural Blues” – one of many enduring hits off of his 1999, twelve-million-plus selling international smash album Play.

The epic, emotional and melodic nature of this album reminds us of Moby’s musical ingenuity and singles him out as one of music’s most creative forces.

The first song to be released from the album is the Cold Specks collaboration “A Case For Shame” available from iTunes now.

The video for “A Case For Shame” was directed by Moby, and shot at his home, starring the innocents on the album artwork.

“The video is about dying and going to a realm populated by the recently deceased.  At first glance the recently deceased seem frightening and odd, as they’re wearing conventionally strange and scary masks.  But then you realize that the recently deceased aren’t trying to be scary, they’re wearing the masks because they’re ashamed.”

The entire concert tour for Innocents will consist of three, and only three, shows in Los Angeles, most likely at a theatre within walking distance from Moby’s home.

Details to be announced.


1. Everything That Rises

2. A Case For Shame (with Cold Specks)

3. Almost Home (with Damien Jurado)

4. Going Wrong

5. The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne)

6. The Last Day (with Skylar Grey)

7. Don’t Love Me (with Inyang Bassey)

8. A Long Time

9. Saints

10. Tell Me (with Cold Specks)

11. The Lonely Night (with Mark Lanegan)

12. The Dogs