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Further Seems Forever Sign With Rise Records

Further Seems Forever today announced that they have signed to Rise Records and will release a new full-length album on October 23, 2012. Entitled Penny Black, the release features the band’s original lineup, together for the first time since the band’s much-lauded debut album, The Moon Is Down (2001).

The band’s formative singer Chris Carrabba, who has put his solo project Dashboard Confessional temporarily on hold to pursue this reunion, co-produced the disc with Jonathan Clark and Mike Fanuell in his own studio in South Florida. The band spent over two years consistently penning and laying down the tracks.

“Having a partnership with Further Seems Forever is a dream come true,” said Rise Records founder Craig Ericson. “I’ve been a huge fan since their debut album and have been an avid fan of Chris/Dashboard Confessional. Rise Records is honored to release this future classic.”

The release of Penny Black not only marks a return to form for a group that has been so beloved over the years, but also yields the opportunity to conclude one chapter and open the next. “I think I speak for the band as a whole: It’s closure on a long, convoluted history,” said Carrabba. “It’s great to finally get a chance to follow up what we did with the five of us together.”

Stay tuned for live dates to be announced in the coming weeks. Further Seems Forever is Chris Carrabba (vocals), Joshua Colbert (guitar), Chad Neptune (bass), Steve Kleisath (drums), and Nick Dominguez (guitar).