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The Memorials – Delirium (REVIEW) 2012

Since departing The Mars Volta, drummer Thomas Pridgen hasn’t slowed down even a tiny bit. Nothing backs up this statement more than the simple fact that you can look up “The Memorials” on iTunes and find two records between 2010 and 2012. At this rate, Pridgen’s new band (fronted by the extremely talented Ms. Viveca Hawkins) is producing consumer products faster than Apple releases iPhones.

The sophomore release Delirium hit iTunes yesterday and man is it heavy.

First off, who begins their new record with a remix of a track from their previous release? And it’s good. I’m talking about Delirium’s track 1, titled “Dream (Future Perfekt Remix)”.

Secondly, the band really honed in their sound this time around. I enjoyed their self-titled debut from 2010, but it was a little bit unorganized in my opinion (for lack of a better word). Delirium really brings out a clear style, and the songs are all very very tight.

“Gone” is arguably the most ear-pleasing track… heavy guitars, crazy drums, some funk, and some soul with beautifully layered vocals from Hawkins. “Heavyweight” is probably the most jammin’ here. There’s a whole groove in the breakdown (complete with funky synths and even 80’s-ish hand claps). And “Fluorescent’s Unforgiving” is probably the heaviest song you will ever hear with a horn part.

Nick Brewer’s guitars really shine through on this record, and it’s a shame he has parted ways with the group. Hopefully he reads this and knows that his contributions are appreciated.

I had the privilege of joining the group in the studio during one of our photo sessions, and filmed this short clip of one of Pridgen’s drum takes for the song “So Anti Me”. Download the track from iTunes and see if you can recognize this:

Bottom line: This is a hell of a rock record. A blend of metal, soul, funk, and punk. There aren’t any radio-singles on here to be easily digested, but there’s no shortage of rock n’ roll and grooves. I do wish the amount of “hooks” were increased just a little bit, but Delirium shows that this isn’t your average rebound band or side project.

Dare I say it? I think Thomas Pridgen put out a more solid and more enjoyable record here than his Mars Volta exes did this year.

Overall rating: 8.5/10.