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Soundgarden Release First Song in 15 Years: Live to Rise

When 90’s legends Soundgarden announced they’d be reforming, their first order of business was to book a world tour. No real word about new material was addressed, and people were happy just to see them on stage again.

Then the announcement came that they were, in fact, working on a new record. I’m sure many people shared the excitement with me, as well as the slight wariness. After all, the resurgence of Smashing Pumpkins was a bit lackluster and the reformation os Stone Temple Pilots was even farther down on that scale.

Soundgarden recently released a 20-second teaser clip of a brand new song called “Live to Rise”, which is slated for release on the Avengers soundtrack, and today fans can now listen to the song in its entirety.

The first new Soundgarden track in 15 years… I never thought I’d see the day. So what does it sound like? Listen for yourself below. I’ll say it’s certainly not the greatest song they’ve ever written, but it’s definitely a decent tune and allows me to hold out hope that their new record (set for this Fall) will be a worthy offering.

Here’s the link to the track listing on Antiquiet, with “Live to Rise” available for streaming:

Soundgarden – “Live to Rise” (2012)

What do you think? I’m sure someone has to have an opinion.