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Foxy Shazam – The Church of Rock and Roll (2012) REVIEW

Foxy Shazam is one of those bands where it took me a minute to “get it”. And not in a Radiohead way (where sometimes you just don’t understand what’s even going on), but more in the sense of “…are they serious?”.

I had a similar reaction to bands like Jellyfish and Self when I first heard them, if that helps explain my point.

Their new offering for 2012, The Chuch of Rock and Roll, is something else. It has that very raw 70’s-era sound… theatrical like Queen, fun like Van Halen, poppy like Jellyfish. And damn, that Eric Sean Nally can sing like a mo’fo’ (see: “Holy Touch”).

The Church of Rock and Roll is Foxy Shazam’s sophomore major-label release (third overall), which is the true test for many bands… declaring whether or not they are a one-off fad or a lasting artist. This new record from Foxy is proving to be the latter of the two. There’s legitimate musicianship, outstanding vocals, some brilliant arrangement ideas, and a very strong sense of humor (think more “Flight of the Concords” and less “Tenacious D” style). I’d compare it to The Darkness (who, not by coincidence I’m sure, will be touring partners this year), except The Darkness was more of the one-off fad that I previously mentioned. I see Foxy Shazam lasting a bit longer, provided they keep making leaps like they did with this new effort.

A few singles hve hit iTunes and YouTube, my favorite of which is “I Like It” (track below). I dare you not to bob your head during this one.

The Church of Rock and Roll is a solid record from front to back… rockin’ at times, heartfelt at others, funny in between, and epic throughout. There is definitely that gritty/bluesy feel a-la The Black Keys (not that Keys invented it though)… but Foxy Shazam has taken the style and done soemething super cool with it. Keep an eye on this one, set for a January 24th release.

Bottom line: Entertaining, energetic, pop/rock bliss. From 1970.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Clay Lancaster (

Track List:

1. “Welcome to the Church of Rock and Roll” 2:18
2. “I Like It” 2:48
3. “Holy Touch” 2:59
4. “Last Chance at Love” 3:17
5. “Forever Together” 3:18
6. “(It’s) Too Late Baby” 4:01
7. “I Wanna Be Yours” 2:39
8. “Wasted Feelings” 3:42
9. “The Temple” 3:26
10. “The Streets” 4:36
11. “Freedom”

2012 Tour Dates:

Covington, KY Madison Theater Sat Jan 21 / 12 Get Tickets
Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club Fri Feb 03 / 12 Get Tickets
New York, NY Irving Plaza Sat Feb 04 / 12 Get Tickets
New York, NY Irving Plaza Mon Feb 06 / 12 Get Tickets
Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero Tue Feb 07 / 12 Get Tickets
Washington, DC 9:30 Club Wed Feb 08 / 12 Get Tickets
Detroit, MI Saint Andrews Hall Fri Feb 10 / 12 Get Tickets
St. Louis, MO Off Broadway Mon Feb 13 / 12 Get Tickets
San Francisco, CA The Fillmore Tue Feb 21 / 12 Get Tickets

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