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The Lords of Altamont – Midnight to 666 (Review)

“MIDNIGHT TO 666” is the latest release from dark, leather, garage/punk/pyscodelic rock n’ rollers The Lords of Altamont. With a current line up of members from The Bomboras, The Fuzztones and The Cramps, this album has submersed these ears with howlin’ levels of gritty guitars, dangerous lyrics and pure sleazy rock n’ roll.

With the reckless sounds of  “Save Me (From Myself), “F.F.T.S.”, “Synanon Kids” and their exceptional cover of The Dead Boys classic “Ain’t it Fun”, this record demonstrates “we don’t care and could give a flyin’ fuck” attitude that needs to be violently injected in the jugular of music today. With swirling eerie organs, guitars that are fuzzed up and fucked up, gritty soundscapes and a vocal/lyric approach that grabs you by your throat, The Lords of Altamont have come for your children.


  1. F.F.T.S.
  2. You’re Gonna Get There
  3. Get In The Car
  4. Gettin’ High (On My Mystery Plane)
  5. Save Me (From Myself)
  6. Soul For Sale
  7. I’m Alive
  8. Turn Me Down
  9. Bury Me Alive
  10. Ain’t It fun
  11. Synanon Kids
  12. Action Woman

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-Todd Buller