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Incubus – If Not Now, When? (REVIEW)

When you think of Incubus you think of hard hitting rock anthems like “Meglomaniac” and “Anna Molly.” I don’t think anyone would put the band in a category of rock romance. However, that is a category they can now be lumped into.

If Not Now, When?” is the band’s seventh album and the first since 2006’s “Light Grenades.” What sets this album apart from other Incubus albums is the straight forward tone and precise songwriting. Of course you still have Brandon Boyd who provides his incredibly and versatile vocals. What you also have are some very well put together songs that didn’t really surprise me, but changed the way I thought about Incubus.

When Incubus took a short break in 2008, Brandon Boyd took an art class in L.A. while Guitarist Mike Einziger recovered from his carpel tunnel surgery by taking some music composition classes at Harvard. The class paid off big time because you can hear the well put together hooks and choruses. Songs like “Promises, Promises” are very straight forward but are still complicated enough in chord changes to keep you engaged. The first single from the album “Adolescents” is a great track for fans of Incubus’ early style. It does a great job bridging the gap between their old style and new style.

Overall I think fans of Incubus are going to find this a great departure from what they’ve done in the past. Most of their fans have grown up and it appears Incubus have as well.


Rating 7/10