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FM Belfast – Don’t Want To Sleep (REVIEW)

Not since Bjork has something interesting come out of Iceland. FM Belfast are aiming to make their mark on the Icelandic music scene with their new release “Don’t Want To Sleep.” If you’re not familiar with FM Belfast, don’t worry. You’re not alone. They are an electronic backed indie pop band that are making it tough to ignore them.

I am a pretty big fan of electronic/electronica music anyway so this album was pretty easy to listen to. I found myself going to back to tracks like “I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep Either.” It’s got a great toe tapping vibe and an unforgettable chorus. It’s a track I could easily see making it onto US terrestrial radio.

Electronic music seems to be making a comeback and it’s due, in large part, to bands like FM Belfast making easy to listen music and getting it out to the masses. They make it seem so easy while adding complicated riffs and adding elements of live instruments like trumpets on the track “Vertigo.” Some tracks, like “New Year” have a very 80’s electronic music feel to it, but with the vocals they’re able to keep it fresh.

Overall it’s a great album. I loved listening to this. It is genuinely dominating my ears right now and will possibly end up on my Top 10 list at the end of the year. Go pick this up! What makes this album much more impressive is that they put this album together themselves and are releasing this on an indie label. I love the “DIY” aspect to this band. Great stuff. Why are you still reading this!?!? Go get it!!