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All Time Low – Dirty Work (REVIEW)

Do you like punk pop music? Yeah apparently a lot of other people do too. Especially since All Time Low’s first single “I Feel Like Dancin’” reached Gold status recently. Their new album “Dirty Work” is due to come out in June and we got a chance to take a listen for ourselves. From the first track you can tell this is a much more polished version of All Time Low. The Production is much cleaner than albums past. From the first track you’re greeted with All Time Low’s signature pop style.

Overall this wasn’t a genre I was a big fan of to begin with. Pop punk is best served to screaming teenage girls who struggle their way to the front of the crowd to get a glimpse of these guys. However, I can certainly appreciate the effort they took with this album. It’s a great follow up to “Nothing Personal.” There are not a lot of deep lyrics and I am sure that’s just what they were going for. All Time Low are more about having a good time then anything relating to deep theological topics.  

If you’re interested in hearing what an indie pop punk band sound like on a major label, pick up “Dirty Work.” If you just want to tap your toes and lose yourself in your thoughts, then pick up “Dirty Work.” If you’re looking for something provocative or an album that is innovative, then maybe you should pass on this album. It’s a solid album for the kids who just want to have a good time. And with what is happening in the world today this album is a great distraction. -JC

1. Do You Want Me (Dead)
2. I Feel Like Dancin’
3. Forget About You
4. Guts
5. Time Bomb
6. Just The Way I’m Not
7. Under a Paper Moon
8. Return The Favor
9. No Idea
10. Daydream Away
11. That Girl
12. Heroes