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Kids of 88 and Wakey!Wakey! on theFIVE10 Radio

Hailing from New Zealand, Kids of 88 are already making waves. Having successfully showcased their talents at SxSW, they recently embarked on their first US tour. Although it was just a few dates, they left a trail of fans who want to see more of this amazing electro-pop band. We got a chance to talk to Jordan and Sam during their stop in San Francisco.

Michael Grubbs of Wakey!Wakey! has been on the indie/alternative scene for a while. One day, during an open mic in New York, he caught the eye of a Writer for the CW TV show “One Tree Hill” who ended up getting his music onto the show. It also landed him on the show as recurring character “Grubbs.” JC talked to Michael about a new album, the tour, and the status of the music scene.