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Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

I was never a big Oasis fan so it wasn’t like I was super excited when Liam Gallagher, former member of Oasis, announced that he had gone off to create a side project called Beady Eye. However, I was interested when I read an interview last summer where he said this was going to be completely different than Oasis stuff. Imagine my surprise when I started playing the first track and instantly heard the rock blaring out of my speakers. The first track, “Four Letter Word” instantly hits you with its rock opera-like background and heavy hitting guitars and drums. I figured I was in for a great ride.

While there were some tracks that I liked like “Four Letter Word” and “Bring The Light” there wasn’t much else that was overly impressive. There were even tracks that reminded me a lot of old Oasis songs like “The Roller” which was overly familiar and did little to bring me in as a new fan.

There’s even a track that pays tribute to the other infamous rock bands from the U.K. called “Beatles and Stones.” Other tracks that have that old “Beatle” feel are tracks like “For Anyone” and “Sons of the Stage.”

Overall this is a nice album if you’re not looking for anything ground breaking. It’s a solid pop rock effort from Liam but there’s very little substance to the entire album. I found myself going back to “Four Letter Word” and “Wind up Dream” but other than that there was just nothing else that I found great with this album. Pick it up if you’re a fan of Liam’s voice because he does a great job showcasing it here. Pass if you are looking for an album with more oomph.

Review by JC

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