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Adam’s Attic Begs Where Is Love

Adam’s Attic offers their latest alternative, pop/rock album, Where Is Love. The release is set for March. The band originally hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, and now resides in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California.

Believing that it is pointless to be on a stage if you do not use that power to influence and uplift people, Adam’s Attic begs the question, “Where is love?” Whether it is through natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, heartache, health scares, the Gulf oil spill, or the search for love, the question is one that motivates people to action and inspires this band to write and share their music. Love can change a life in the blink of an eye. Love can take you on a personal journey farther than you ever imagined through various skylines and city lights. Adam’s Attic is a band motivated by the power of love to influence everyone with whom they come in contact.

With their fourth release, Where Is Love, the band tells their stories of love stemming from New Orleans.  When writing the title track, “Where Is Love,” Joe Henry, the chief songwriter, wanted to create social awareness from a personal and global perspective. Being in tune with his hometown and feeling the effects of the Gulf oil spill for every New Orleanian, whether they worked in the oil industry or not, he knew the crisis affected their sense of recovery after Hurricane Katrina. With his lyrics, Henry said, “I wanted to encourage people to be resilient even though they felt like they were falling down again. I wanted them to hear and respond to the voice of love and raise their hands and try.”

The album sequence and track lengths are:

“Sing Me Anything” – 03:35

“With You” – 04:03

“Where Is Love” – 03:53

“Burn” – 04:42

“Melting into You” – 04:18

Adam’s Attic is comprised of Joe Henry (singer/songwriter), Derek Henry (bass guitarist/backing vocalist), Scott Boaz (drummer), Frank DeSalvo (lead guitarist), and Keith Frey (rhythm guitarist). The band asked Chad Marlow to lend his talent as a backing vocalist on the album. The album, Where Is Love, was tracked at Sound Asylum in Santa Ana, California, was engineered and mixed by Mike Troolines, and was mastered by Kevin Bartley at Capitol Mastering in Hollywood, California. As the songs were being recorded, creative director, Holli Elaine, provided album art direction. Drew Geraci was tasked with encapsulating the band’s new look and feel into web design. Photos were taken by Carolyn Troadec.

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