Album Reviews

The Get Up Kids – There Are Rules

In 2008 The Get Up Kids announced that they were getting back together after their 2005 breakup. And while we’ve been treated to new music since then, most fans of the band have been dying for more. After the release of “Simple Science” in 2010, The Get Up Kids are back with “There are Rules.” For the first time, this album will not be on Vagrant Records but on their own label called Quality Hill Records which was named for the neighborhood in the bands’ hometown of Kansas City.

The new album, which will be released later this year in March, is packed with good time rock n roll tracks and sounds a lot like other Get Up Kids music but is still a solid effort and very easy to listen to. In fact, it’s already made its way to our playlist and has been well received with theFIVE10 fans. Overall this is a solid album and one that will definitely go in my playlist.

Some key tracks I enjoyed included Shatter Your Lungs, Automatic, and Birmingham.
RIYL: Bravery, The Killers, 80’s Alternative Electro Rock