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Producer Kerry Brown and The Gracious Few (Live/Candlebox) on theFIVE10 Radio

When Ed left the band Live the rest of the band’s members weren’t quite ready to stop rocking crowds. So they got together with their friend Kevin Martin, the lead singer of the band Candlebox, to join them on a new project they dubbed THE GRACIOUS FEW. Little did they know that they would be creating an amazing rock band that is tearing up the Country in a non-stop tour. Listen to this amazing interview as JC sits with the guys to talk about how much fun they’re now having and what’s on tap for the group.

JC also got to talk to super Producer Kerry Brown. He got to talk to Kerry about the Record Label he co-owns with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan as well as some new projects he’s working with. This is a very insightful look at the music industry and where Mr. Brown feel it is headed.