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Felt 3: A tribute to Rosie Perez (REVIEW)

We realize this is a little late. Sorry!

Right away you walk in listening to Felt 3 knowing that this is going to be pretty amazing. Having two of Hip Hop’s Indie powerhouse MCs, MURS and Slug (half of Atmosphere) means these guys have already proven that what they do is amazing. Adding these two together along with Aesop Rock producing and you have an album that will stand the test of time and will ultimately be looked back as an instant classic.

There are 21 tracks on the 3rd installment of Felt and like the 2 albums that came before it, there are songs names after celebrities. This time there are tracks called “Kevin Spacey” and “Paul Reubens” neither of which have anything to do with either actor the tracks are named for.

Overall this is a remarkable album. Easily their best offering of the 3 Felt albums that have been released. We’re told that Felt Volume 4 is already being produced, so until then we’ll happily enjoy this one. -JC

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