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Sunny Day Real Estate Officially Reuniting for Festival Dates

Jeremy Enigk performs in San Francisco, CA. Photo by Clay Lancaster.

Almost as unlikely as a Guns N’ Roses reunion, Seattle indie/emo darlings Sunny Day Real Estate have officially confirmed festival dates after months of rumors and speculation of a reunion.

This will be the third such reunion for SDRE, after the band’s initial split in 1995, and then again in 2001… and then again in 2014. Original bassist Nate Mendel made his career with Foo Fighters after Sunny Day’s first break up, only participating in the 2009 SDRE reunion afterwords. So far it looks like these new festival dates will be without Mendel, who has been quiet since the death of Foo Fighters bandmate Taylor Hawkins in April.

So far, two festival dates have been confirmed: Chicago’s “Riot Fest” and Birmingham’s “Furnace Fest”, both in September.