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Eric Victorino (Strata/The Limousines) on theFIVE10 Podcast

In 2000, Eric Victorino and his long-time friend, Ryan Hernandez decided they needed to do something with all of this creative energy they had. After recruiting bassist Hrag Chanchanian and drummer Patrick Spain, Strata set out to build on a sound that had already dominated the South Bay Area in California.

With their heavy rock sound and Eric’s ability to belt out his incredible voice to tell stories, they quickly grabbed the attention of a label and were riding a wave of success that ultimately led to their break-up. With nothing to fill the void Eric turned to writing and released a couple of books which gave fans an intimate look at his life and struggles with mental health.

After finding his smile again through projects like The Limousines and becoming a father, Eric and the other bandmates at Strata decided 2020 would be a good time to bring the band back and release new music.

JC got a chance to sit down with Eric to talk about the path Strata took, why he regrets some of his writings, and the political landscape we have found ourselves in today. All this and much much more on the latest edition of theFIVE10 Podcast!

Episode 8: theFIVE10 Podcast with David Ellefson theFIVE10 Podcast

As one of the founding members of the long running metal band, Megadeth David has seen a lot of changes in the music industry. Whether it’s through his solo project, Ellefson or other side projects David has experienced pretty much everything a musician can experience.  This week we brought back our editor and photographer, Clay Lancaster with JC for a rare three way interview with David for a very special edition of theFIVE10 Podcast!
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