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††† (CROSSES) – Crosses (Self-Titled, 2014) REVIEW

Releasing in just a few days is the debut (self-titled) album from Crosses, a project masterminded by Shaun Lopez (of the band Far), Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Chuck Doom. The band name is also often stylized as “†††”.

This 15-track release is contains 10 songs already released by the band in 2011 and 2012 on EPs, so reviewing this as a new record is kinda strange… as we already wrote about the previous EP’s here on theFIVE10. The 5 newer songs are what was originally intended to be a third EP. Actually, The Beta Band comes to mind just now as they released an “LP” which was just a combination of their three previous EPs, and titled it The Three EPs. Crosses is more clever I guess.

Anyway, writing a whole review is futile so I’m going to focus on the 5 new tracks that we haven’t heard until now. They directly fall in line with the dark synth-rock jams you’ve become used to already. Chino’s slides easily and hauntingly into place on “Bitches Brew”, with his trademark screams brining the song to a thrashing end, and the more uplifting melodies on “Blk Stallion” are just more to get stuck in your head all day. That’s something I’ve been really impressed with throughout the album: It’s catchiness without being predictable.

Without talking your ear off again, read the previous review and then just imagine those 2 EPs were longer. That’s what the debut Crosses LP is. And it’s fantastic.

Rating: 9/10